In general, it is the wish of the administration that we can manage to be excited about - and share our enthusiasm for - wrestling in a way that avoids much of the caustic nonsense that can occur. This includes being about to discuss aspects of the business are, uh, not so hot. Not liking a show or a match or a performer is totally fine and valid, regardless of how many people disagree with you. Sharing that is as encouraged as any other activity around here. Just try to be mindful of why you're sharing what you do: are you being genuine in your posting or are you trying to provoke others? Wrestling can be a frustrating thing to follow at times and often it's easier to get absorbed by what we don't like more than we make time for the stuff we love. None of this is about rules so much as it is a friendly reminder on behalf of both the administration of this instance and fellow wrestling fans who care about your enjoyment of the fine sport known as Professional Wrestling. Stay Tranquilo, friends.

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