I haven't watched much wrestling the past couple months but I'm still considering taking off work for Wrestle Kingdom

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We're talking a full-on extended career will they won't they hunk-on-hunk beef

I finally started watching the first Road to Power Struggle show and they kinda teased an Umino/Yoshida rivalry, which I must say is extremely hunky as rivalries go

How does Gedo attacking the referee not get Jay disqualified?

Gedo looks so crunchy that when he attempts an evil laugh he just looks like a happy garden gnome

It takes a special promoter to really see the heel potential with a massive push of someone with as punchable a face as Switchblade

Did we ever find out what the five tally marks/slashes mean on Jay White's gear?

Planning to dress as a wrestler for Halloween. I'll post a pic once I have everything

Still can't believe how they did Juice dirty. Now he's just tagging against these old bastards

There's a wrestling podcast host who makes the rounds on progressive-type wrestling-related podcasts and his voice and personality is just really annoying to me

I like that they flew out the Japanese Young Lions to work the ring and have no matches even though they have an LA dojo

Hahaha JR said "As British as..." and couldn't think of an example of something British

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