fake best bout machine (omega) vs real best bout machine (ishii) is going to be about 7 minutes too long but still be really good

hiding out from instance drama, would anyone care to discuss hiromu takahashi

matt taven has the worst face in wrestling since the miz. in wrestling it's good to have a bad face

*lucha boy voice intensifies* cmll time babey

do not show me the video "everything that was wrong with triplemania 26" there was nothing wrong with triplemania 26

probably going to project some psyche bull shit on to velveteen dream vs darby allin

you think you're such a cool lucha boy but i got to hear vampiro fart and swear so im winning

sappy bullshit about hiromu's broken freaking neck Show more

a hiromood for when you remember that capitalism probably already destroyed the planet

cien's music hit and it was just like, fuck the miz

gotta populate this instance with my hottest wrestling take: CM stands for cum machine

got stoned and im watching lucha with japanese commentary on a real parody of myself of a morning

thank you to ZSJ and darby allin for twink representation in wrestling

meiko should be in the next crusierweight classic

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