Pretty sure the cat just tried to hurricanrana me.

RIP, Dynamite Kid; one of Lancashire's finest. Here he is wrestling another - Marty Jones - in an absolute belter of a match, just before he got called up to the 'Fed.

Last ever as we know it this week. Absolutely amazing card for it. Really chuffed that it's going to go out with a bang, not a whimper. It's been a wild ride.

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PICTURED: a centrist discovering their unwitting complicity in exploitative systems of oppression

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I love seeing these old pics of current wrestlers.

I guess I'll watch that WWEUK show, then.

Dreamed I went to a casino in Blackpool with Trent Seven, and hilarity ensued. It was pretty good. I woke up just as I was getting changed into one of those stupid dinosaur suits. And I snogged a right hottie.

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I am at a horror movie festival[*] and David Starr was just in "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich" and I marked out so goddamn hard.


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Oh, and the last wishlist item is:
- Auto populate avatar / banner image / displayname from twitter

ElephantBird and the Wrasstodon Wrestling Fediverse™ bot network are coming. Watch this space ^___^

My bot is coming along super well. It:
- gets tweets
- toots words
- [option] rewrites @ handles
- gets and re-posts video/image/gif content (optionally only posts thumbnail of video to save server space)
- [option] ignores RTs
- [option] ignores @ replies
- [option] CWs all posts
- [option] appends hashtags
- Adds apology for no image alt text

... I think that's about it.

Left to do:
- [option] expand "" urls
- [option] add/remove link to original tweet
- manage multiple accounts

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