Kassius Ohno is celebrating 20 years.


Kazuchika Okada, cosplaying as Tuxedo Mask.

Good night.

Farewell to Mike Hogewood. Unappreciated in the modern era, during a formative time in ROH history, who formed real chemistry with Dave Prazak and had an infectiousness. Slap the porpoise. Condolences to his loved ones.


Of course Daniel Bryan re-signed with WWE.

Honestly, who expected differently?

I'm catching the repeat. And damn. This fight between Melissa and Catrina on Lucha Underground IS better than Raw.

@djm That habit is a hard one to break to people who've been doing it for so long. Wrestling is so awesome and has so much going on lately that I think you could definitely find other stuff to fill 3 hours weekly that you like better.

Remember. No one is forcing you to watch Raw.

And if you are being forced, call for help. I'll sav u bb

But I understand many MANY wrestling fans would have no idea what to do with their team if Raw isn't on their TV on a Monday night. Being The Elite, if you missed All In, catch it. Games. Something on NJPW World. Any of the indies.

Or even something that isn't wrestling.

At the PPV Party for All In I was at, a real young kid said "I'm really not looking forward to watching Raw after this."

And I could only respond with "So, don't."

Like....it's that simple, my man. Don't.

The biggest thing I'm hearing about All In? How happy everyone was that was there. And how happy people are that watched. Just the positive feelings all around.

Lots of people on the indies, men and women, really don't lean into character work unless they get to be a heel. Chelsea Green LEAAAAANS into that shit, and I love it.

I hadn't mentioned this before, but I love Chelsea Green. I loved her in Impact as Laurel Van Ness, I love her as the Hot Mess, and I love that she got that spotlight and really shined.

I got to watch All In at a friend's house, like an old school PPV Party.

The whole night was fun.

Is something wrong with Kota Ibushi? Like, the joke is that he can't travel without Kenny or MIchael Nakazawa helping him. But it happened AGAIN. And he got lost in Tokyo once.

1. King Bookah and New Day.
2. Joey Mercury showing up as Johnny Mundo's Best Man.

I'm a mark for silly feel good moments that address continuity from Smackdown from the mid to late 2000s.

Tonight's Lucha Underground has been hella fun.

I'm saying Hella, because it's in SoCal.

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