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Oh but uhhh GGG got fuckin robbed by the judges in his most recent fight with Canelo (well both fights imo). GGG vs Canelo II was still a fucking great fight, and way better than the first one. Its so rare now that a big money boxing match delivers like that.

Oh shit and the MYC has started, and there are some recent NOAH shows I want to check out

Haven't been watching much wrestling lately and need to catch up on some stuff, especially AAA, CMLL, and AJPW. But I've been watching more mma and boxing lately and have enjoyed it as always. I'm glad Woodley got a big win at UFC 228 and I'm excited for GGG vs Canelo II this weekend. Also, joined a BJJ gym this week and have really enjoyed it so far. I've only learned like three techniques so far and its still been a ton of fun.

Takayama and Fujita's fight in Pride was fucking TOUGH.

switching "whomst" into classic march and protest chants

hey what's up youtubers its bigboss420, today we're gonna jump headfirst into an active volcano

I rewatched Hopkins vs Tarver last night and jesus Tarver had nothing in that fight. Hopkins manhandled the larger Tarver and made it look easy.

Watched some George Foreman fights last night, vs Frazier II from his initial run and then his fight vs Holyfield from his comeback. And damn I think he might be the most intimidating heavyweight boxer ever, especially in that initial run. Everyone brings up Tyson when they talk about most intimidating heavyweight boxers but Foreman was so destructive.

Starbucks is bullshit because they're a horrible world-devouring company and because they incinerate their coffee, not because of some nutmeg

Wrestlers who vanity search on twitter to talk shit to people are so corny

It's kinda sad that Fedor wasn't in the UFC during his prime.

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