Hey my gf thought that SCU were referring to South Carolina.

Cena's getting older and with his hair kinda grown out he looks like he's slowly turning into JBL.
It's all come full circle.

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Gf literally just told me I can't be a heel wtf

I know it was a week ago but I'm still upset that Rayne got eliminated in r1 of myc.

Whatevers happening here, Red Shoes is into it

My friends first child was just born and someone totalled his car while they were in the hospital.
If someone could help them that would be great.

My gf just referred to my teeth as my "Tomasso Ciampa's"

Guys I'm about ready to swear off wwe for a while.. idk I'm tired of being told what I "should" like, and feel like the booking should reflect fan reaction.

To the people still talking about All In,
Scurl/Okada was the match of the night.
Fight me.

Am I the only one who's more upset about the Strowman heel turn than the Becky one?

Has anyone heard anything about Daniel Bryan's contract status???

Can someone fill me in quickly on zero hour, bc I'm not able to watch, don't have cable lol

Just getting around to watching this week's nxt

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