The shit you find at Rite Aids in the boondocks Show more

I'm not a WWE guy really, even if I keep tabs on folk there, would you won't find me tooting much about Raw or SDL but I will boost your posts and then share things like these two autographs I finally got framed over a month later.

Partner went with the Young Bucks. I regret not getting to meet Ishii.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and maybe got to watch some graps.

This show is coming up in October and while it's like 5-6 hours away, my partner has family down there we like to visit often so...think I'm gonna catch LA Park this year!

Got a show in your area coming up? Or just one you're looking forward too?

I haven't had the time or energy to watch much wrestling lately, so I'm just digging through some pics I have from recent-ish shows.

This is Jeff Cobb at the AWS Anniversary from earlier this year.

Me watching start to put butts in them seats.


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